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Men's Medimoto Mid-Top Blue Suede Shoe

Seize the day in this classic mid-top sneaker. Crafted with top grain, sustainable leather from Brazil, these provide our patented Easy Shoe Access technology with rear access, making them a breeze to get on and off. Effortlessly comfortable and orthotic friendly, these beautiful shoes are also constructed with a slip-resistant rubber outsole for hassle-free shoe experience.

  • Distinctive style appropriate for almost any occasion
  • Handcrafted quality, top grain, sustainable suede leather
  • Biomechanically efficient entry/exit motion, easy to pull zipper
  • Arch support insole with high energy return
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole



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Our initial line of Friendly Shoes, MEDIMOTO, feature handcrafted top-grain sustainable leather. We traveled all the way down to South Brazil to find the best leather that provides support, mold to each foot, and wick away the perspiration.

Combined with bespoke, Friendly Shoes gives you comfort, support, and unparalleled ease with slip-resistant rubber outsoles, arch support, and high-energy return for active living.

Friendly Shoes feature a zipper opening making the shoe remarkably easy to put on and take off. We call this Easy Shoe Access technology, and it works. Simply turn your foot into the shoe and pull the zipper to secure it for a proper fit. You’ll wish all of your shoes had ESA!

Our proprietary Friendly Sole system is designed for comfort, support, and functionality. Lightweight midsole adequately cushions your joints but is firm enough to provide important somatosensory feedback allowing your body to support itself. Durable anti-slip rubber outsole reduces slips and trips through width, heel traction, and a beveled heel accommodating a natural heel-strike motion.

A Different and Better Footwear Experience

Our patented Easy Shoe Access (ESA) reinvents footwear, making it easier and better for adaptive needs. Slip-in and zip-up one-handed.

The reason why Friendly Shoes is making waves in the adaptive clothing industry is because of its function. These shoes are specifically designed for people who have mobility challenges. But, you wouldn’t know it looking at them; the patented ESA zipper is discrete 😉

Eco Friendly

The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB) applies the tripod of the sustainability concept in economic, environmental, and social terms. Friendly Shoes Medimoto line use Gold Seal CSCB Certified top-grain sustainable leathers.

We offer no-cost, hassle-free returns within 30 days of purchase.

If you don’t like your Friendly Shoes you can return (money back) or exchange lightly worn Friendly Shoes within 30 days – no questions asked.

Lightly Worn means you’ve worn them inside, not outside, for up to 30 days to assess their fit, comfort, and ease of use. Other companies’ return policies are that you CAN’T wear the shoes at all, but how else would you know if you like them? We’re Friendly! so we take the risk.

If you wonder what happens to the returned shoes: We donate them to the elderly, disabled Veterans in San Diego.

Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Kathleen W. (San Jose, CA)
Ok with KAFO brace

Roomy toe box feels good on the toes. Zipper in the back not as helpful as I thought it would be. Zipper is difficult to zip around the heel cup of the brace. Brace fits tight in shoe but shoe doesn’t hold my foot tight to the brace. I’m going to try to adjust the laces.

Nancy E. (Cave Creek, AZ)
Comfy shoes

I have two of shoes and really like them

Greg R. (Overland Park, KS)
Thank you!

We really appreciate your kindness in sending two shoes of a different size. It means a lot to my wife who needs this because of her strokes this year snd the medical equipment she must wear as a result.

Delina M. (National City, CA)
Perfect shoes

I have a hard time looking for shoes for my AFO, and found this company that makes shooed for orthotics user. I like the zipper opening, makes put on my AFO quicker than a regular shoes. Love it, it made my life easier to managed, less stressful.

Ann W.R. (Hayward, CA)
Love them

So easy to put on my prostetic leg/foot

Amanda W. (Gettysburg, PA)
Cool design

What a great design but unfortunately they didn’t fit my braces. I’m bummed!

Elizabeth H. (Tucson, AZ)

Not long enough.

Judith B. (Norristown, PA)
Nice design

This shoe didn't quite work for me (I'm going to try a different style), but I still wanted to comment on the shoes design and function. The shoe is nice and light. The zipper tab is awesome for weak hands (which I have). There is plenty of space in the toe box and the shoe has enough space for my orthotics and my AFOs. Another important design for me is the athletic sole with the curved heel. I cannot wear a flat soled shoe, so this is an important feature.

Christine P. (Gilbert, AZ)
Great for AFO brace

This shoe is wonderful. It is the first shoe we have found for my husband that he can get on easily. Love the deep heel!

Margaret D. (Waterford, WI)

These shoes are wonderful. I've been trying for the past 18 months after breaking my ankle find shoes that would fit and were comfortable to walk in. I've gone through probably at least 30 pairs and none of them have fit like this shoe. I was able to wear it all day, extremely comfortable, good support and extremely easy to get on. I will be buying more of them.

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