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A Father's Note

*Whoa, I wasn't expecting that response!*

Thank You for the OVERWHELMING response to our Father's Day Email. We are overjoyed at the number of positive messages we received about it, with most of you referencing this bit as touching a chord. 


If you have a father who tried his best you’re luckier than a quarter of children today. 
If you didn’t have a father, but became the best father you could be, special respect to you!! 

This encourages me to open up more about my background and what Friendly means to me, especially with Father's Day coming up. It's not something I'm particularly comfortable doing. But here goes.


I'm from Livingston, New Jersey where I grew up in a fatherless house hold family since I was the age of 4. Through this period, we had a lot of ups and downs. Luckily, my brother and I had a strong mother that tried her absolute best at covering both roles.


My mother, Sharon, worked so hard to make sure my brother and I could focus on bettering our education and life direction. Luckily, she put us in a youth wrestling club when I was 8. Wrestling gave me positive male role models, discipline, work ethic, and all around GRIT. 


A devoted, loving mother, good public schools, and the sport (and culture) of wrestling put me on the RIGHT path. Towards a masters degree in Occupational Therapy, and eventually launching Friendly Shoes after five years of research and development. 


Now, I'm a father of two, my children are 5 & 6. Not having a father it's been a daunting challenge. The sacrifice is immeasurable. I do my best to show love through being hands-on and encouraging positive behaviors. To meet needs and solve problems through leadership and role modeling. All I know is, if you really want something, stay persistent and look forward to mistakes/set backs as this is how you will advance in your pursuit to get to where you would like to be! 


Gratitude and respect to all Fathers consciously working to become the best father possible. Your work Is acknowledged and appreciated! 


Happy Fathers Day from Friendly Shoes! Use code FATHERSDAY to save 25% and give the Fathers in your life unparalleled shoe convenience!


Joseph DiFrancisco,
MS/OT - Chief Friendly Officer
619 488 0066 

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