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Dad's Like Easier

Make Dad’s Day With Convenience (and save 25%)

If you have a father who tried his best you’re luckier than a quarter of children today. If you didn’t have a father, but became the best father you could be, special respect to you.

Father’s Day is when we show appreciation. All fathers LOVE convenience! (Who doesn’t?) One way you can make your Dad’s life easier is giving him amazing shoes that go on easier.

Saving time and hassle with shoes makes sense. NOBODY LIKES TYING LACES. But most ‘convenient’ shoes sacrifice support, comfort, or style for easy access. Friendly Shoes sacrifice nothing, and that’s why they’re a great Father’s Day gift. Especially with 25% off through Father’s Day (enter FATHERSDAY at checkout).

Comfortable shoes with good arch support and a classic leather style are welcome in every closet. Give the Dads in your life amazing shoes they’ll love wearing and can put on with ease.

Just slip-on and zip-up. Or, don’t zip-up: the open zipper is great for sitting or standing as it provides comfort and breathability, without losing the fixation we all need.

The Fathers in your life will think of you with gratitude every time they glide into their Friendly Shoes.

Happy Fathers Day from Friendly Shoes! Use code FATHERSDAY to save 25% and give the Fathers in your life unparalleled shoe convenience!

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