How To Find The Best Orthotic Shoes For Women

July 01, 2019

For women who suffer from balance impairment, weakness, joint replacement, or Parkinson’s disease, finding a comfortable, stylish pair of orthotic shoes can be a hassle. Use our best tips for finding the best orthopedic shoes for women on the market (that will also meet your needs).

Orthopedic Shoes With Easy Shoe Access

One of the major problems with traditional shoes is that they can be difficult to put on. You’ve probably had to use a shoehorn just to get the shoes on your feet! But with Friendly Shoes’ easy shoe-access technology, you’ll never have to feel frustrated putting your shoes on. Friendly shoes for women have a zipper on the side. Simply unzip, slide your foot in, and zip it back up. No shoehorns. No laces. Just easy orthopedic shoes for women.

Comfortable And Stylish Orthopedic Shoes For Women

Too often, women have to sacrifice stylish shoes for comfortable ones with support. You don’t have to choose one or the other! Friendly Shoes offers orthotic shoes for women that are super stylish and have plenty of support. We use beautiful, top-grain leather or suede uppers. After all, leather is always in style!

Aside from being stylish, leather molds to each individual foot, making it comfortable specifically for you. Its strength provides support where you need it most. Our shoes are designed by an occupational therapist for proper biomechanics. We wanted to ensure we provide only the best shoes for women!

Friendly Shoes have an outsole made with a grippy, lightweight rubber to give you better traction. The heel of our orthopedic friendly shoes is beveled specifically for comfortable walking. Our comfort foam midsole balances cushion with perception to give you stability. You also have two insole options to choose from - Arch Support or Classic Comfort - so you can decide which works best for you.

Are You Ready For The Shoes Of Your Dreams?

It’s time to stop being uncomfortable in traditional shoes. Your feet deserve the best! Take a look at our stylish orthopedic shoe selection for women and find the design that fits you best. With free shipping, you don’t need to worry about added costs. Plus, you can buy with ease with our 30-day return policy - but we’re confident you won’t need it. You’ll finally find a pair of shoes you love!

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