Women's Rose White Leather (LIMITED QUANTITY!)

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A special edition Friendly Shoe for Women named in honor of Rose, the late mother of Friendly's Founder whose passing inspired Friendly Inc. Like all Friendly Shoes shoes the Rose Shoe is a stylish, comfortable, active shoe that goes on easy and is built to last. The Rose Shoe features custom embroidery, high-quality calf leather made with prolonged tumble-time to optimize conformity to foot, and a light, breathable inner lining that reduces friction on skin. 


Friendly's Shoes feature a zipper opening making the shoe remarkably easy to put on and take off. We call this Easy Shoe Access technology, and it works. Simply turn your foot into the shoe and pull the zipper to secure it for a proper fit. You'll wish all your shoes had ESA!

No tying shoelaces (just set the optimum tension once), and no crushing the back of the shoe to sqeeze your foot in. The tongue of the shoe is secured in place, ensuring you don't step on it or push it inside the shoe. 

    Our proprietary Friendly Sole system is designed for comfort, support, and functionality. Lightweight midsole adequately cushions your joints but is firm enough to provide important somatosensory feedback allowing your body to support itself. Durable rubber outsole reduces slips and trips through width, heel traction, and a beveled heel accommodating a natural heel-strike motion.


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