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With the new challenge of making children’s Friendly Shoes, we feel that we have truly risen for the occasion as we have added a new easy-access feature to accommodate ankle/foot braces, something that we think will help change the world.

Think about it. 4 year old Saxton who has mild cerebral palsy will now have the opportunity to put his own shoes on and interact with his environment. Standing and walking opportunities and interacting with his peers at eye level, in fashionable supportive shoes. This will encourage balance opportunities, strengthening, social skill development, and reaching opportunities. And most importantly, Saxton can for the first time ever be able to wear the same shoes as his 6 year old brother, Jason, who he absolutely idolizes. If Jason does it, Saxton wants to do it, and now he can! Not to mention the benefits for his parents in regards to convenience and observing their son reaching the developmental milestone of donning shoes independently.

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Excited? We are too! But we need a little bit of help to start the mass-production. You can preorder or support us on Kickstarter and help us to bring this project to life.

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