The World's Friendliest Shoe

Designed & Built for the Act of Living

Easy On/Off Zipper Technology (patent pending). Top Quality. Lightweight. Anti-Slip Rubber Outsole. Friendly Cloud Cushion Midsole. Super Comfort Insole. Fine Imported Leather and Suede Uppers. Double Stitched for Durability. That's Friendly!

Scott S.

Purchased Friendly shoes for his Mother!

My Mom LOVES her Friendly Shoes!

Steve D. 

Drug & Alcohol Counselor

I just got my first pair of Friendly Shoes and get many compliments on them. Your easy access design and comfortable insoles are just perfect for my lifestyle. They really are Friendly!

Donna M. 

Line Chef, works on her feet

I am a 61 yr old woman with meralgia parenthetical and arthritic knees. I got a pair of Friendly shoes with high hopes of some relief. I have to tell you all I am not disappointed in the slightest bit with the way this shoe has helped me. I feel like I’m walking around in my slippers. They are that comfortable. They have alleviated the pain in my knees, letting me stand and walk for longer periods with no pain. With the side zipper slide-in access and quick zip closure, I’m only bent over for a few seconds which eliminates the groin pain. I am very happy with this shoe & give it a ten. Thank you Friendly!

Nicole M. 

Purchased Friendly shoes for her Father.

I purchased these for my father in law after spending a week helping him put his shoes on (he is the grumpiest human being on planet earth) and he loves them!!! They just arrived and he went from yelling at me not to order them to asking what other colors they come in...

Cheryl O.

Nurse and Mother of 2

The most comfortable and easy to put on shoes ever! I love how I dont have to tie my shoe lace anymore. It literally take me just 3 seconds to put on my shoes. And wow! This is the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned that actually conforms to your feet. I got one for me and one for my grandma. She was really hesitant in the beginning because dhe has RA and her feet is somewhat deformed from bunions.. she was afraid that it might hurt her.. but wow! Not only that she can out on her own shoes this actually gave her some of her independence back! She’s more comfortable walking now, running errands going to church and attending other social events. Thank you so much Friendly! This is indeed the Friendliest shoes out there! I will be getting all colors!

Friendly Shoes

Friendly Shoes easy to put on, even by people with mobility issues and reduced grip strength. They provide the fixation, cushion, sensory feedback, and traction we all need for stability. Handcrafted quality. Fine leathers and suede, sustainably sourced. Rubber, not plastic, outsoles. Amazing insoles. And a classic, ageless style. 

Friendly's DNA

Being Friendly means more than reinventing shoes. Our cause is funding cancer immunotherapy research trials at UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center. Our mission is standing for Clinicians, the backbone of medicine. We build community value by devoting $5 from every pair of Friendly Shoes sold to our cause and mission. That's the Friendly Five! Be Friendly with us!

The Friendly Force

The Friendly Force are colorful, fun characters celebrating Clinicians as we see them: community superheroes and highly positive role models, especially for children. We hope the Friendly Force helps young people aspire to Clinician values, work ethic, and respect. Wear Friendly Force apparel and represent a company with a great product creating community value with every sale. 

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