Friendly Refund Policy

Friendly Shoes Return Policy

We offer no cost, hassle free returns within 30 days of purchase: if you don't like your Friendly Shoes you can return (money back) or exchange lightly worn Friendly Shoes within 30 days no questions asked. Lightly Worn means you've worn them inside, not outside, for up to 30 days to assess their fit, comfort, and ease of use. Other companies' return policies are that you CAN'T wear the shoes at all, but how else would you know if you like them? We're Friendly so we take the risk and donate lightly used shoes to elderly, disabled Veterans in San Diego. 

Here's the process: call Friendly Shoes at (619) 488-0066. Tell us who you are, when and how you got the shoes, and why you'd like to return or exchange them. Mail the shoes back to us via USPS media mail rates at Friendly Shoes, 3609 4th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103, United States. We'll reimburse you for the shipping upon return and confirming they are lightly used. 

Thank you, very much. 

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