Almost nothing matters more than reading!

  • But more than 60% of children, and 80% of low-income children, are below proficient in reading at fourth grade. Data says these children are highly likely to achieve undesirable educational and life outcomes. The reading gap is a major source of inequality and we must end it.

Learn and share this powerful tool to teach reading!

  • Singing “The Second Verse to the ABCs” is the most you can do in one minute to teach a child to read. “The Second Verse” helps children understand and remember how to read, just like the “ABCs” helps us remember the alphabet. It’s a free, easy, and impactful tool for in-home, at-school, and community learning settings. Sing it LOUD!

Thank You for helping children learn to read, sooner!


Creative Commons License “The Second Verse to the ABCs” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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