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Friendly Shoes


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Adaptive Footwear

Friendly Shoes increase mobility and independence by discretely accommodating more adaptive needs than any other shoe technology — without sacrificing fashion, comfort, or support. An easier and better shoe experience: that’s Friendly Shoes.

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Working as an occupational therapist, Joseph couldn't tell you how many patients he had with difficulties donning appropriate footwear. He questioned why proper shoes are so difficult to put on. Whether it would be slipping on shoes that lack support or being forced to wear shoes that just don't look good.

Following the requests of many patients, he dedicated his passion for making shoes easier for everyone. He came up with a brilliant plan to come up with a shoe design he dubbed as Easy Shoe Access. Every shoe features a zipper opening making the shoe remarkably easy to put on and take off. It’s not only fun, but it also works. Who wouldn’t want an easy access shoe?

Friendly is made up of top grain sustainable leather and was handily crafted in South Brazil. It has a slip-on, zip-up design that will let you live actively and ensure your comfort. What makes it comfortable is its specialized custom designs that have rubber bottoms that make it non-slip. It also has an arch-supporting insole that helps support high arches, providing non-slip.

The reason why Friendly is making waves in the adaptive clothing industry is because of its function. It’s specifically designed for people who have challenges with their mobility. All of us prefer comfort over style and the sound of its function makes us obsess on it even more.

Our goal is to create comfortable, functional, and stylish shoes allowing anyone to put it on and take it off easily. Friendly Shoes increase mobility and independence by discretely accommodating more adaptive needs than any other shoe technology — without sacrificing fashion, comfort, or support. An easier and better shoe experience:

  • 🌟 Adaptive Friendly
  • 🌟 Elderly Friendly
  • 🌟 Pregnant Friendly
  • 🌟 Eco Friendly
  • 🌟 Ethical Friendly
  • 🌟 Sustainability Friendly

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What Makes Us Friendly?

These days, being Friendly truly is different. We are clinician-founded and grounded in clinician and family values. We are inspired by people of all ages who overcome adaptive challenges to live in motion. We work hard to make independence and mobility easier for all.

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Mobility is Everything

Motion is medicine, and good shoes are crucial to mobility. But life challenges us all, and many individuals who live actively struggle with laces and shoes. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or getting to the bathroom, Friendly Shoes make mobility easier and better.

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Fashion to Keep You Moving

Our beautiful yet functional shoe designs are a collaboration of master shoemakers and American medical professionals. Good looks in step with good health. Motion is medicine: live actively, #beFriendly!

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Coming Soon...

Introducing EASIES

In less than 1 year on the market, we have had over 700 parents contact us in inquiry for shoes to accommodate developing feet. So in this next year, we have decided to rise the challenge and help kids, eliminate barriers.

With the new challenge of making children’s Friendly Shoes, we feel that we have truly risen for the occasion as we have added a new easy-access feature to accommodate ankle/foot braces, something that we think will help change the world.

Think about it. 4 year old Saxton who has mild cerebral palsy will now have the opportunity to put his own shoes on and interact with his environment. Standing and walking opportunities and interacting with his peers at eye level, in fashionable supportive shoes. This will encourage balance opportunities, strengthening, social skill development, and reaching opportunities. And most importantly, Saxton can for the first time ever be able to wear the same shoes as his 6 year old brother, Jason, who he absolutely idolizes. If Jason does it, Saxton wants to do it, and now he can! Not to mention the benefits for his parents in regards to convenience and observing their son reaching the developmental milestone of donning shoes independently.

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Excited? We are too! But we need a little bit of help to start the mass-production. You can preorder or support us on Kickstarter and help us to bring this project to life.

If you leave us your email address below, we will notify you when our Kickstarter campaign starts. Also you will get early-adopter discounted prices. Thank you.


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