The Shoe For All Abilities

Friendly Shoes solve more types of footwear challenges than any other shoe technology by making fitted shoes simpler and easier to put on, and more enjoyable to wear.

Better footwear for your needs: Experience fashion, comfort, and support with ease. #beFriendly on Your Feet!

Friendly Shoes Easier and better shoe experience!

Our goal is to create comfortable, functional, and stylish shoes allowing anyone to put on and take off easily. Friendly Shoes® increase mobility and independence by discretely accommodating more adaptive needs than any other shoe technology — without sacrificing fashion, comfort, or support.

  • 🌟 AFO Friendly
  • 🌟 Adaptive Friendly
  • 🌟 Elderly Friendly
  • 🌟 Disabled Friendly
  • 🌟 Diabetic Friendly
  • 🌟 Pregnant Friendly
  • 🌟 Eco Friendly

Fashion to Keep You Moving

Our beautiful yet functional shoe designs are a collaboration of master shoemakers and American medical professionals. Good looks in step with good health. Motion is medicine: live actively, #beFriendly!

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Mobility is Everything

Motion is medicine, and good shoes are crucial to mobility. But life challenges us all, and many individuals who live actively struggle with laces and shoes. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or getting to the bathroom, Friendly Shoes® make mobility easier and better.

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What Makes Us Friendly?

We are clinician founded and grounded in family values. We are inspired by people of all ages who overcome adaptive challenges to live in motion. We work hard to make independence and mobility easier for all.

About Friendly Shoes

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