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Tips for Buying Shoes with AFO and SMO Braces

In order for an orthosis to do its job, it needs to have the right shoe partner. Finding the right footwear can often be a challenge so Friendly has decided to make a guide for you! It is recommended that you bring your shoes with you to your orthotic fitting appointment (if possible). This may […]

How embracing my own sense of style gave me a positive self-image?

We grew up knowing that our society dictates us what to wear, how should we look, or what style to embrace. Our choices are usually dictated by what’s in style. If we don’t fit the mold, we usually feel outcast. We’re crazy about what’s in style and we feel we don’t belong if we don’t […]

10 Best TED Talks about Special Needs

TED Talks have featured presentations from phenomenal speakers with the brightest minds in several fields such as mathematics, philosophy, entertainment, business, philanthropy, art, and religion. The organization serves as a platform for intellectual individuals to speak in their passions, inspiring their audiences. Among a plethora of other inspirational speeches, TEDTalks regarding particular needs are moving […]

Self-Care for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Symptoms like aching feet and ankles make shoe shopping an important part of rheumatoid arthritis self-care. Consider functionality above form when you’re selecting new shoes.   Are your feet aching? “It’s quite common for symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to first appear in the feet, the forefoot, back of the feet, and ankles,” says Alison Garten, […]

What It’s Like to Live with MS

MS can be tricky to comprehend, and since no two cases are alike, we asked them what they wished people knew about it and reached out to individuals that are currently living with the disease. Here are their stories.   “You’d think after all the years, somebody would be settled with something like this, however, […]

Spinal Cord Independence is Possible!

A spinal cord injury can be one of the most harrowing experiences, but such an incident doesn’t imply that all hope is lost. Spinal cord damage can undoubtedly change your life’s course. But there’s still hope. After all, significant improvement has been observed by many of those in a similar situation with time, and every […]

Friendly Shoes Campaigns for Stay Safe and Stay Out Amid Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in our lives, the government has imposed measures to protect us from acquiring it. Without an end in sight, it has become a difficult puzzle to solve. It’s like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It has been said over and over that some of […]

Fall Prevention: What Can You Do?

Hey! It’s Joseph from Friendly Shoes here to talk to you about some tips we have for fall prevention and staying out of the hospital – especially right now. Make sure you’re aware of the medications you are taking and their potential side effects. In case of dizziness or anything that changes, alert your doctor […]

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