Diabetes Footwear Challenges

Diabetic shoes are made specifically to accommodate a diabetic foot, that may or may not have sensory impairment/neuropathy.

Complications often include numbness, ulcers, and reduced position sense. Such issues can become very dangerous and result in amputation if not properly addressed in a timely manner.

Diabetic shoes are designed to reduce friction that may cause ulcer development and protect the diabetic foot from skin breakdown. Some diabetic shoes are also designed to specifically accommodate already existing wounds and optimize healing.

These shoes should be selected with the assistance of a medical professional such as a podiatrist.

Features of Diabetic Shoes:

  • Seamless soft inner lining to reduce friction/rubbing
  • Extra-depth that offers a pressure-free fit, accommodates orthotic inserts
  • Stretchable/movable uppers to conform to the foot/reduce pressure points -Firm outsole to reduce movement of the shoe while the foot sits within.

Advantages of Diabetic Shoes:

  • Prevents skin breakdown
  • Cushions the foot during walking
  • Reduces callus creation
  • Reduces falls
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