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There are a ton of kids’ shoes that you can choose from in the market. Most are flashy and cool-looking but not all are comfy. I have two lovely kids and as they grow I realize that what they need are not just those fancy running shoes, but a pair of sneakers that can protect them all the time. I have seen them slip and fall a few times and as a concerned father, I know I need to do something because I can’t watch over them 24/7. Yes, it is a part of growing up, but seeing them having to cry over a scraped knee breaks my heart. What’s worse is that I felt helpless in those accidents.

As a protective father that I am, I realized that I need to come up with a solution. I’m very sure that all parents can relate to this and feel the same way I do. Who doesn’t want to protect their kids at all costs, right? If you can just take all the pain away and erase their tears, you will do so. Prior to seeing the challenges that my kids faced, all I want from choosing their shoes, is how they looked. I want it to be as hip and stylish as possible. But now, what I want to ensure is it’s comfortable, lightweight, and has good support. If the pair of shoes look good, then it will surely be a bonus, an icing on top of the cake.

Easies for Kids by Friendly For these reasons alone, we are introducing Easies for Kids by Friendly Shoes. It took my team a long time to decide on this as what we want to focus on are Adaptive Shoes. We want to stay with our purpose of having shoes that can make a difference in someone’s life. But then we realize that there’s a need for this and don’t we owe our kids that? Shouldn’t we do everything in our power to protect them for any harm? If we could come up with something that can ensure their safety, then why not do it. hence, Easies for Kids came into the picture. This will surely impact every child’s life. Our vision is for it to be a staple pair of shoes for all the families across the United States, if not Internally.

I can still remember one of the best films I’ve seen, Pelé: Birth of a Legend. One of the scenes is when the kids are playing football without shoes, they were called the Shoeless Ones. It has created an impact on me since they are pursuing their passion even without any gears to protect them. Seeing them play unprotected resonated with me. I have promised myself way back that I will invent shoes that can protect everyone, regardless of age and social stature. I’m dreaming of it being the go-to shoes of every parent for their kids. I love it to be flexible and I want it to have good cushioning and support. Hence, the reason I was so proud when I saw our first few pairs of Easies.

How did it start aside from that idea? More than that desire to take care of my kids, we have been overwhelmed by people reaching out for help. In less than one year on the market, we have had over 700 parents contact us in inquiry for shoes to accommodate their kids’ developing feet. So in this next year, we have decided to rise to the challenge and help these kids, to eliminate barriers. With the new challenge of making children’s Friendly Shoes, we feel that we have truly risen for the occasion. We have added a new easy-access feature to accommodate ankle/foot braces. It’s something that we think will help change the world.

Think about it, 4-year-old Saxton who has mild cerebral palsy will now have the opportunity to put his own shoes on and interact with his environment. Standing and walking opportunities and interacting with his peers at eye level, in fashionable supportive shoes. This will encourage balanced opportunities, strengthening, social skill development, and reaching opportunities. And most importantly, Saxton can for the first time ever be able to wear the same shoes as his 6-year-old brother, Jason, who he absolutely idolizes. If Jason does it, Saxton wants to do it, and now he can! Not to mention the benefits for his parents in regards to convenience and observing their son reaching the developmental milestone of donning shoes independently.

What does it mean for us? Having been able to achieve this in just over a year might be overwhelming, but it is indeed so fulfilling. We were able to create something that is not only very practical but is also comfort-oriented. Unlike any other sneakers, there is, it serves its purpose of helping out the kids. Not only the kids who love to play around, but also those who are physically challenged. Gone are the days when you would just opt for something stylish and that your kid might fall in love with it because it is flashy. This pair of shoes give you the much-needed variation you need. It is not only appealing, but it can also safeguard your kids’ movements. Having a pair of these for your kids can keep you from worrying. No need to look out for them all the time while you’re busy working at home. It will give you the peace of mind and assurance that with its technology, it can protect them from any harm.

They might still be learning to tie their own shoes. But Easies has a FRIENDLY ZIPPER, it is a fashionable pull tab facilitating access to everyone. So it’s easy to access for them. It also has a CLOUD CUSHION MIDSOLE which will optimize their balance while playing all day. Not only that, but it also has an ANTI SLIP RUBBER OUTSOLE. It was blended for a mix of Friendly balance and traction. Picture it out on the top of your heads, don’t you think it is sturdy enough to protect them? Having a pair of this is surely a must-have. Let’s all be a responsible parent and get a hand for your little angels. Having been able to do so, will show how you truly love and care for them.

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