Fall Prevention: What Can You Do?

Hey! It’s Joseph from Friendly Shoes here to talk to you about some tips we have for fall prevention and staying out of the hospital – especially right now.

Make sure you’re aware of the medications you are taking and their potential side effects. In case of dizziness or anything that changes, alert your doctor immediately and be a little on the conservative side with movement.

Make sure that you have properly fitting shoes. Slippers do NOT work. We have a lot of research, and we found that most falls happen inside the home, and they’re often contributed to non-appropriate footwear. So make sure you’re wearing shoes or something by non-slip.

Beware of your environment; any obstacles stop you from getting from point A – to point B – to point C, right from the couch where you’re probably spending all your time right now – to your kitchen table – to bath river have to go throughout the day make sure where the lighting, especially at night lighting, could be a contributor to fall.

And make sure you’re using your recommended assistant device if you have one.

Finally, make sure that you’re staying active. A bounce can decline real quick, especially for individuals 65-plus. So stay active! Anything you can do on your feet such as weight shifting, stepping forward, stepping backsteps, sidesteps… If you have any questions or comments about this, please let us know. You can email me directly as well: joseph@friendlyshoes.com

Happy to help. We get Occupational Physical Therapy Therapist here who can answer your specific questions. Alright, be safe out there and #befriendly. Thanks for reading.


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