Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner yet some are miles away from their first hero. Salute to the number two people in our lives because arguably, our mothers are number one. Now more than ever, giving back and showing appreciation is of the essence.

For some, it’s the time to patch up burned bridges or even reconnect. These days are no ordinary times and as much as we wish to have a lavish dinner outside to celebrate special occasions with our loved ones, we’re left to do it in the confines of our homes. Yet we can still make it memorable, after all, what’s important is we find the meaning behind it.

Our fathers wear a lot of hats for their families every single day. Most are obligated to fulfill their duties of raising a living for their loved ones. Others spend a lot of time doing it away from home.

It could be that they have to be in the workplace most of the time, abroad to find a greener pasture or as a military man defending the country. All of the time, they wear invisible capes to protect us.

They can also play the role of a reliable handyman or dedicated security. Some tend to be our funniest clowns, trying to make us laugh when we’re playing with them or when the chips are down. For some, they are our greatest cheerleaders or unwitting accomplices.

Most of them tolerate us or have even become our greatest financiers. I can still recall that my dad gifted me my first car for prom and spent a lot on my first date. Whatever their role is, we look up to them because they’re one of our greatest heroes. Super dads should be the operative word.

As they say, you don’t need to wear capes just to be one.

Our usual ways came from them.

How about our subtlest gestures? Our friends and even our moms tease us that you’re a lot like your dad. Our mannerisms are patterned from the way they act, they are indeed our greatest role models. Hence, the usual phrase, you are your father’s kid.

Our relationship with our dads is a powerful bond that is hard to explain. They have a major influence and have a huge impact on our lives. However, we see them, whether it’s good or bad, can have an enormous and long-lasting influence on the way we live.

We might not realize or even accept it, but countless areas that concern our personal lives and well-being are linked to the kind of relationship we have with them. Some are even afraid if not estranged at all from their dads.

Many of us may appear distant or disengaged from them. It’s simply because they can hide their emotions well. So few of them show their affection, some are even averse to the usual gestures of kissing and hugging.

The reason might be rooted in their machismo or a facade of being a tough guy. Most resort to a firm handshake or a tap at the back. Usually for our dads, showing affection is more about what they do than what they say. Their love language can be subtle.

Hence the reason most avoid a confrontation with their dads or their mere presence makes our knees shake especially if they’re not in the mood. But we’re celebrating this day not to find faults but to celebrate them. Some may see them as too distant or our harshest critics but they are our bridge to the real world.

Most of them, early on expose us to the harsh realities of life. They want us to succeed and be strong. To not be overcome with the difficulties that we could face in the journey of our lives.

What did our fathers teach us?

As for me, I can still recall our good memories and it makes me nostalgic. He wanted me to be a sports guy and taught me basketball and baseball. My dad used to tell me that a sport can instill a lot of discipline in me.

He always reminded me that it can give me a strong resolve and an unwavering mindset. Not to mention that it can make me master my emotions and can teach me to fight back when my back is against the wall as he always put it. Those learnings have made me tenacious, and resilient, and have made me become a better person altogether.

He has taught me to master how I could hide what I truly feel. I can still recall how loud he cheered me from the stands, and the way he hugged me when I experienced my first defeat. He told me to just shrug it off and carry on.

When I experienced my first heartbreak, he opened a can of beer, shared it with me, and let me share my problem all night. He told me to just cry and let it all out because real men need not be ashamed of crying. These things remind me of the good old days.

What could we get our fathers?

Our father’s needs are usually based on their interests. It could be a fancy dinner, a simple getaway with the family, or a day of fishing with you for a quick escape because it’s freedom from all the stress.

I highly recommend making your Dads feel extra special this Father’s Day with Friendly shoes. Your father’s physique might not be as strong and sound as before. They might have been showing some signs of aging or maybe even difficulties with walking.

Friendly shoes are made to protect them. It has a shoe design dubbed as an Easy Shoe Access which features a zipper opening making the shoe remarkably easy to put on and take off. It has rubber bottoms that make it non-slip. It’s a comfortable shoe for the elderly and can be your old man’s favorite shoe.

What’s great about it is that it also has an arch-supporting insole, which helps support high arches and can provide non-slip. Of course, even with age, some people still want to stay active by constant walking or even jogging, and you can protect them with these Adaptive Shoes.

The great news is Friendly Shoes offers a 30-day risk-free trial period. The perfect gift for DAD! Show your love and support by giving this to them and it can be the most meaningful act that you can do for your dads.

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