Shoes in the Pandemic

As we head on to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we ought to prepare ourselves for what’s next. How are we going to cope up with the new normal? These changes are inevitable and we have to adapt as fast as we can. With the scare still out there, we have to be ready to work from home setups through video conferencing platforms, avoid crowded places, and as many gatherings as we can. The truth is until the vaccine is developed, we’re risking our lives and our loved ones should we go out.

Most likely, staying at home can cause anxiety as we love to be around people. Some thrive on it but a lot of us don’t. Many can relate to this hence the popular song “Bored in the House” by Tyga comes to mind. But we have to snap out of it and force ourselves to get out of the rut. We’re not encouraging you to go out. But force yourselves to be productive, to feel alive and worthy again. Working out at home can be a great way to start things off, as it can easily develop into a habit. Why should we work out amid the crisis? The world is in turmoil right now, and with the crisis and the fear of uncertainty looming ahead, exercising can be a habit that we can hold on to. Not only that it’s good for your physical well-being, but it’s also a must for total wellness. It can clear your head, to be more creative and productive at the same time.

Should we reiterate the importance of having a sharp and active mind? With so much idle time on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to start working out. Yes, it’s easier to do a Netflix binge-fest or play video games all day. But wouldn’t it be a good idea to feel reinvigorated? Having said that, it’s also a must that you have a perfect tool to accomplish your ideal workout, that is a shoe that you can depend on. Not just a typical running shoe, but a nice pair of shoes that can help you with your stability and can help you as you progress or advance in your training regimen. Why should you not get the typical running shoes? Yes, there are so many running shoes to choose from, most have clout in the market. But why should we be careful in choosing a shoe? This might be a common question that we ignore as we usually grab our fave sneakers before heading to the gym. Now that we opt to stay at home and we can cut down on gym expenses why not invest in the right footwear? The typical running shoes are not equipped enough to give you stability and comfort in working out. Discomfort can lead to injuries and sometimes to a certain extent debilitating accidents through trips and falls. What you need is cushioning and stability to absorb shock from the rigorous training. Jumping up and down or a simple exercise can strain your legs. It surely has an impact on your legs and joints. This is the reason why we highly recommend you try Friendly Shoes.

Why Friendly over other shoes? Switching brands is a tough call as you’re so used to using them since time immemorial. But don’t you think we should opt to use something that can truly benefit us? According to Joseph Burton, who is the inventor of Friendly, Friendly shoes is a stylish comfort shoe that is supportive and goes on easily. It has a patented easy shoe access technology which makes the shoe friendly. This technology makes it easier, simpler, and better for the body, it’s lightweight yet still persistent, cushiony, and has an anti-slip rubber bottom. That makes it less slippery, more stable, and ideal for your legs and joints. Joe added that there’s an overpopulation of running shoes in the market. It’s hard to compete as it’s saturated. But what sets them apart is the fixation on the foot of their shoes as it can significantly prevent falls and help with balance. Not only that it’s also cushiony, but it’s also nice and breathable, yet still stylish.

With the pandemic going on, we don’t want to add to the burden of this health crisis by being injured. Protection is the key. If you’re asking how it becomes Friendly, not only that it’s friendly to the body as it can absorb shock and is great protection. Joe said that being friendly starts with the manufacturing process and creates it by employing sustainable factories in South America. They stayed away from China to make sure that they follow good labor practices from start to finish. Their goal is to create stylish shoes that can accommodate everyone and the way they’re made is through friendly methods.

How can it accommodate every need? The shoes aim to cater to all demographics, even to the aged and to the physically challenged. Yes, you heard it right, it’s also an ideal shoe for those who are nursing an injury or even the elderly. If you’re injured or aged, you can lose balance easily and that can lead to a serious accident. Friendly shoes with its adaptive technology can protect you from that.

Joe is an Occupational Therapist and initially, he never really looked into this concern. He used to handle patient after patient while doing pediatrics and simultaneously treating seniors. Having to face such a predicament, has presented him with an idea to help out by creating an ideal shoe for them. According to him, lots of people who have difficulties putting on fresh kicks can’t put on the shoes and they resorted to slippers. It has affected their daily lives and he wanted to make a change that’s how they came up with friendly shoes.

The verdict is that whether you’re physically fit or not, this shoe is a must-have. It can even be the best buddy that you’ve been waiting for. A reliable and protective friend. Now is the best time to put this on and start flexing your muscles to attain your desired goal. With so much going on around us, working out at home can be an escape from all that. We have to help ourselves and snap out of the rut. As we all know this crisis doesn’t define us but how we respond to it does. So let’s respond positively and help ourselves to fight this, by making ourselves physically fit and mentally sound with the help of Friendly Shoes.

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