Simple Home Exercises

As we take on the worldwide crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, we are faced with a strong challenge to keep ourselves healthy and boost our immune system.

Having a weak defense makes us susceptible to any illness. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc, the threat is imminent more than ever. Since the risk is at large and the lockdown doesn’t seem to flatten the curve, what can we do?

The reality is we can only control what we can and that is to force ourselves to workout. Yes, we’re limited to the confines of our homes and we can’t even run around the block because of the lockdown. But forcing ourselves into exercising might be our key to escaping this dreaded disease.

Strengthening our bodies and keeping them in shape can surely fight off or maybe, ward off any illness. We always have a ton of excuses to skip exercising. We always say that it’s tiring and a trip to the gym can cost us valuable hours.

But now that most of us are stuck at home, we have so much time at our disposal. All we need to do is to have a strong mindset and kick ourselves in the butt to grind it.

How can we motivate ourselves?

Motivating ourselves to work out is the hard part. Your emotions especially when we feel lethargic and unmotivated can hinder us too.

When we’re so comfortable because we’re at home, we feel more relaxed and all we want is to rest. Also, with a ton of Netflix Movies and Series that we can binge on, it can be a challenge to drag ourselves to exercise.

But it’s a must that we force ourselves to exercise especially now. Our suggestion is to find within you why you are doing it. You need to create a strong mindset and set a goal for yourself.

A strong inner voice will surely tell you not to do it and it would be better to stay in bed but you need to snap out of it. Right now, what we recommend is that you keep in your mind that you’re doing it to “Stay at Home and to Stay Out of the Hospital”.

Also, remember that Motion is Medicine. Things in motion tend to stay in motion. So you must keep moving and living actively no matter what. If your motivation is to look better then it’s good too because your drive can even be stronger.

Surely working out can give you that desired ripped muscles and packed abs. Also, it can give you endorphins to feel good about yourself. Haven’t you noticed that those who have a good physique perform better at work or get anyone they desire?

We’re not saying that it’s all about the looks, after all, our goal is for you to be in better shape for optimum wellness. Weak abdominal muscles could make you susceptible to back strain and even injuries.

Having strong abs can help to stabilize and brace the spine and this can only be achieved by working out. Mind you that a strong core can give you also better stability to prevent trips and falls.

We can go on and on but I’m sure you got the point.

Exercises We Recommend:

What we’ll discuss are easy-to-do exercises that focus on stability. What we have in mind is solely to keep you out of the hospital. This is best for beginners and can be done by all ages.

If you constantly follow this, it can improve your muscle strength and so also your endurance. Those who are physically trained can find this boring but it’s always best to go back to the basics right?

1) Shallow Knee Bends: (partial bodyweight squat- bend knees and straighten) Shallow knee bends build strength in the muscles on top of your thigh, that you walk/stand with.

We suggest that you do it while holding on to a chair but make sure that your back is straight.

Sets: 3 Repetitions: 8-12 Reps

Stand with your hands lightly resting on a counter or chair in front of you with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend your knees so that you squat down just like you were going to sit in a chair.

Make sure your knees don’t go in front of your toes. Lower yourself about 15 cm (6 in.). Your heels should remain on the floor. Rise slowly to a standing position.

2) Front Shoulder Raises:

If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use two bottled water instead or you can reach the top of your closet. This is ideal for beginners and it can help preserve your shoulders in functional movement patterns.

It will also help you build strength and definition in the front and sides of your shoulder. What’s more amazing is, this can make your arms more flexible and can give you strong shoulders to lift heavy objects safely.

Sets: 3 Repetitions: 8-12 Reps

Lift arms up to reach in front to reach the top of the closet. Another way of doing it is by following these instructions: Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart.

Keep the back straight and your feet planted flat on the floor. Your arms holding weights should hang down. Hold the dumbbells across the thighs horizontally, palms facing back toward the thighs. Ensure that you have a firm grip. Brace the abdominal muscles.

Lift the weights upward, inhaling, with arms out in front and palms facing down. Keep a slight bend in the elbows to reduce the stress on the joints. Pause when the arms are approximately horizontal to the floor and feel the contraction in the shoulders.

Return the dumbbells to the starting position at the thighs with a slow and controlled motion while exhaling.

3) Sit to Stand Transitions: (stand up and sit down)

The sit-to-stand exercise is a simple yet effective exercise that can be performed by almost anybody who has a chair. It consists of sitting down and moving to a standing position. Sounds easy right?

But for those with weak legs, knees, bones, or severe back problems, the exercise can be challenging. This simple exercise will strengthen your legs, butt, and will help protect your spine.

Stronger leg muscles can give you a better posture and it can be easier for you to climb stairs and ride a bicycle. This also means better balance and can prevent you from falling easily.

Sets: 3 Repetitions: 8-12 Reps

Sit in the chair of your choice. Slide forward as far as possible. Move your feet back so your heels are lined up with the front edge of the chair. Use your butt and legs to stand up. Lightly use your hands on the chair if necessary.

Why should we do it regularly? Since these are simple exercises to follow, we hope that you do them regularly as this can make wonders. These are low-impact and are not demanding to your joints and muscles so no need to fret for beginners.

Eventually, you’ll develop the endurance and strength that you need for a more rigorous workout. In the meantime, these simple exercises can be your best bet during this lockdown. Again, we wish you to stay at home and keep you out of the hospital.

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