Hello AOTA Inspire!

Nice to meet you! Friendly Shoes are a functional solutions to help patients of all ages overcome footwear donning and fit challenges. Please connect with us for more [Contact Form Here].  Tamara, Joseph, or Ryan will contact you directly and supply information, samples, and displays.

Friendly Shoes was founded by an Occupational Therapist, Joseph DiFrancisco. Friendly Shoes feature patented technology making proper shoes simpler and easier — without sacrificing style or comfort. That’s what makes our adaptive footwear inclusive. 


Inclusive footwear impacts lives. We are proud that Friendly Shoes are attractive enough for anyone but also accessible to individuals with real adaptive challenges.

We are building a brand for and by Clinicians grounded in functional solutions that help patients overcome adaptive health challenges and live actively. We hope to serve you and your patients with quality adaptive footwear they can afford.

We look forward to connecting with you! Thank You!


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