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Customer service

I ordered a pair of shoes for my daughter to wear with her braces and I waited a little over two weeks with no tracking number given. One day I received a random email with a refund stated “out of stock”. Was not happy with the lack of communication and not receiving a tracking number.

Excursion Primary Camo Kids' Shoe
Lorena M. (Oklahoma City, OK)

Excursion Primary Camo Kids' Shoe

Excursion Woodland Camo Kids' Shoe
Maria C. (Toronto, ON)
So grateful for this company/brand/shoe

I am the mother of a young and active 3 year old toddler who wears an afo, i cannot explain to you how thrilled i was with the shoe, the customer service and the fact that my “little one loves it and has learned how to use the shoe himself (given his disability this is a huge feat!) i order from Canada and am hoping they het restocked so i can order more (i cannot find something similar here)

Voyage Tornado Unisex Shoe
Missy G. (Grand Bay, AL)
Great Fit

My daughter has been disabled from birth. She wore an AFO from around age 2 to around age 7. She got around well until she hit her late 20's. She got an AFO as an adult in her early 30's. She's now 35 and was getting a new AFO when I found Friendly Shoes in a Facebook ad. The price was reasonable, so I decided to give them a try. I have to put her shoes on for her. These shoes are great! The easy to remove sole and side zipper make them a perfect fit for her and convenient for me. We have now purchased 3 pair in different colors.

Excursion Onyx Men's Shoe
Toni L. (Channelview, TX)
They work fine with his AFO

Great shoes

Force Black Shimmer Kids' Shoe
Kimberly Z. (Boyertown, PA)
Fantastic footwear

My child wears a brace on one foot. These shoes are wonderful. Lightweight, easy on/ off with zipper! We appreciate Friendly shoes@

Excursion Black EE+ Unisex Shoe
Linda W. (San Antonio, TX)
Have to return

I bought these shoes because my feet swell and I thought they work around my chunky ankle, but they don’t, so I have to return them. Otherwise, I like them. Super lightweight.

Excursion Jasmine Leopard Kids' Shoe
Melissa S. (Coppell, TX)
Fits with her AFO's

We have a pair of the Billy shoes that work great with my daughter's afos, but we have to remove the soles to make them fit. The soles for her Friendly shoes can stay in! I wish we would have bought the ones with a full zip around to make getting them on easier but these work fine so far. Will definitely get another pair of Friendly shoes.

Voyage Concrete Jungle Women's Shoe
Roseanne D. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Voyage Concrete Jungle Women's Shoe

Excursion Black Grey Women's Shoe
Nancy L. (Champlin, MN)
Didn’t fit

These shoes were not wide enough for my braces.

Voyage Shiitake Unisex Shoe
Marci (South Haven, MI)
Good shoes!

There was a bit of mix-up with my online order, but the company noticed immediately! We are moving forward to resolution...😃

Excursion Peach Women's Shoe
Samantha M. (Houston, TX)

These were a gift for someone. She said they were soft but she does struggle with the zipper and it might just be her Parkinson.

Voyage Mint & Peach Women's Shoe
Missy G. (Grand Bay, AL)
Shoes made for AFO's

Finally! An affordable shoe designed to work with an AFO. With a sole that is removable and the side zipper, it made getting ready so much easier. I like the range of colors offered. Thank you for making a stylish, accessible shoe.

Excursion Black EE+ Unisex Shoe
Toni L. (Channelview, TX)

Thanks to Jospeh the second pair of shoes were just what we needed, thank you so much, ordered our second pair today because of the shoe with the afo has to be bigger,so now we needed a regular size for the other foot that is the only drawback you have to buy to different pair.

Voyage Tornado Unisex Shoe
Denisse R.M. (Los Angeles, CA)
Highly recommended… the best!!!!!

My mom suffer a stroke and her left side is very weak therefore her foot gets swollen a lot so putting her regular shoes was a mission. We found these shoes and there were life changing just wonderful. They look cute and are comfortable 🙂 the best part they are easy to put on even when her foot is swollen definitely RECOMMEND my mom loves her shoes and I love putting them on we will definitely be buying more

Voyage Mint & Peach Women's Shoe
Barbara T. (Wilmington, NC)

Too large. I need a half size

Tenease White Men's Shoe
Bill S. (Decatur, AL)

Not wide enough. Need wider sizes

Quest Unicorn Kids' Shoe
Tammy M. (Tallahassee, FL)
Unicorn Shies

Our kiddo says she loves these shoes! Her AFOs don’t bother her a bit. So thankful

Voyage Moonstone Unisex Shoe
Amy C. (Saugus, MA)
Voyage Moonstone Unisex Shoe

these sneakers are extremely comfortable, I wear an AFO brace on my left foot and will have to for the rest of my life and it fits perfectly in the shoe. My only complaint about these shoes is they are not very breathable so at the end of each day when I take them off my feet stink, lol

Excursion Alpine Forest Women's Shoe
Erika G. (Evanston, WY)
Love These So Far!

I have been wearing them for just about 24 hours and I must say, I am impressed. They are comfortable and fit my AFO much better than regular shoes!

Tenease Black Men's Shoe
Timothy P. (Bay City, MI)

Just the shoe I was thinking of. Easy on. Love the zipper as I have lesser finger ability to tie laces. Very comfortable. Had to remove the left shoe insert for a bit more room. Great shoe. Just ordered a second pair. Additional color choices would be nice!

Excursion Woodland Camo Kids' Shoe
Corley H. (Columbia, SC)

Not wide enough to accommodate afos on a wide foot but will keep to wear without braces. Well-made.

Ordered for a 6yr old with bilateral dafos

Voyage Navy Blue & Peach Women's Shoe
Susan U. (Friendswood, TX)
Perfect shoes for my daughter with CP

These shoes were perfect for my daughter who curls her toes under because of her CP & with the zipper these allow me to straighten them. Love the memory foam inside!

Quest Marine Camo Kids' Shoe
Jessica W. (Wausau, WI)
Didn't have the size I ordered

The website said it had the size in stock twice and it turns out they didn't have it in stock. Kind of disappointing. I had to go with another brand of shoe for my son's SMOs.

Force Navy Blue & Red Kids' Shoe

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