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Zipper issues

We've only had them for a week so we're still getting used to them but the zipper isn't easy to pull up so he still needs assistance with the zipper and the zipper doesn't stay up on either shoe....

Excursion Black EE+ Unisex Shoe
Lois F. (Branchville, NJ)
Not roomy

Ordered these shoes hoping my husband’s AFO would fit inside it. Unfortunately it is not roomy enough and had to return.

Voyage Blue Moon Unisex Shoe
Renee E. (Cedar Rapids, IA)

These have saved my life. Had pair of regular shoes tried to modify with my afo. Left sores on my feet. Used my BRAND NEW shoes!!!
Holy cow game changer!! Thanks so much for saving my feet !!!!!

Voyage Moonstone Unisex Shoe
william g. (Warsaw, IN)
Great for AFO wearer

My daughter loves them and easy to put on with her brace. Only one negative is the laces are not long enough to use all the holes

Force Grey Kids' Shoe
Tedi G. (Albuquerque, NM)
Amazing with AFOs!

Awesome shoes, super lightweight, fits with my son’s AFO on one foot while super comfortable for his other foot. He did note the zipper slides down on the AFO foot but loves them.

Zipper not staying up

They look good and the quality is nice but I'm having trouble getting the zipper to stay up, and they're not very easy to zip up but we'll practice. We just got them yesterday.

Force Navy Blue & Red Kids' Shoe
Sandy C. (Gresham, OR)
Haven’t yelled since we got the shoes

My grandson is on the spectrum. I’m learning how to better communicate with him and support his growth. We’re always yapping at him to get his shoes on and let’s get going. I have foot issues myself and was looking at the Friendly site. I thought of our struggle an my ongoing search for comfort. I thought about my grandson and our yapping at hm to get his shoes on and also how-quickly he took them off when he arrived somewhere. I decided to give these adaptive shoes a try. When we got his new adaptive shoes, I thought they may be too different. But, really, they are not. He tried them, showed me he could do it himself and we stopped yapping at him to get his shoes on. He just puts them on, he can do it! a positive thing for him. Just picked him up from a busy day of school. He’s napping on the couch with his shoes on!

Excursion Jasmine Leopard Kids' Shoe
Greta V.C. (Thomaston, ME)

Excursion Jasmine Leopard Kids' Shoe

Almost perfect

I have been looking for an active lifestyle sneaker that doesn't squish my toes against the sock when I put them on, creating sore toes. The zipper is ingenious and completely solved that problem. But I'm not crazy about the formed insole. Although it is soft, the "support" pads hit in a bad place for me on my right foot and have created a sore spot on the ball of my foot. I'm going to remove the original insoles and put in gel "cut to fit" insoles I bought locally and see if that solves the problem. I love the engineering of this shoe too much to not try everything to make them work for me.

Voyage Navy Blue & Peach Women's Shoe
Vickie O. (New Paltz, NY)
These work well with my new AFOs

These work well with my new AFOs. Great for drop foot: top entry.

Super Cute and Fits Perfectly

I’m a quadriplegic and needed shoes that fit better with my swollen feet without looking like old lady shoes.. These fit perfectly and are really cute.. And I can put them on by myself!! It’s been 16 years since my car accident that left me paralyzed and this is the first time I’ve been able to put on tennis shoes by myself without struggling for 30+ minutes.. It took me like 3 minutes max.. Will definitely be buying a couple other colors..


I had really high hopes for these shoes. I got them for my niece who wears AFOs. First, the insole of the shoe is heavily glued down. From the description on the website, it says it has a removable insole but this insole was glued down and I think that trying to pull it out with some force might damage the shoe. The next thing that I did not like, is the fact that the shoe has an extra eyelet on one side of the shoe only because the other side has the zipper. I know this is only an aesthetic issue, but it would have seem like common sense to not put an extra eyelet there since this is an adaptive shoe and it just looks off. So, overall not a shoe that I would likely recommend or buy again.

Excursion Navy Pink Women's Shoe
Pamela R. (Jacksonville, FL)
Excursion Navy Pink

This is my second pair of Excursion. I have had the Excursion Calla Lily for a year and love them. With the Excursion I can wear a shoe that looks "normal". Also the people at Friendly Shoes make a big difference as they are caring and kind.

Voyage Black Unisex Shoe
Sara (Lebanon, OR)

I was unable to wear them with the insoles they came with, because the cushion of the heel and ball felt awkward and didn't support my balance. After I bought Dr Scholls Prevent Pain insoles, they were
much better. The outer sole is very good. The zipper makes it much easier to put on, and will probably increase the lifespan of the shoes.

Excursion Jasmine Leopard Kids' Shoe
Monika N. (Red Hook, NY)
My daughter loves them!!!!!

Great shoes.

Excursion Navy Pink Women's Shoe
Sheryl H. (Avon, IN)
I love it

It does what it says it’ll do

Excursion Peach Women's Shoe
Sheryl H. (Avon, IN)
I love it

It does what I say it does. I love it.

I can put on my shoes

After right knee replacement, I have not been able to put on my right shoe! Almost year, couldn't,'t walk. Now I can!

Adventure Cherry Blossom Kids' Shoe
Matthew W. (Roanoke, TX)
Shoes never came

Waited around a week before I reached out and asked why my shoes haven’t shipped. I was told they would then be shipped priority. Got a call a few days later saying shoes would not be shipped to me and my money would be returned. My daughter has needed these shoes and they were the only ones available in our budget. Very frustrating

Force Cobalt Blue & Turquoise Kids' Shoe
Angelita M. (Pasadena, CA)
Shoe review

Hello. My sons shoes are really nice. The material is durable which is what I was looking for. Unfortunately he won't be able to use with his leg brace because it fits a tad tight. But I'm going to keep the shoes so he can use then next year on the days he needs a brace break. He wears a AFO brace on one foot so he ideally needs to different shoe sizes. He normally wears a 2Wide on the Right and a 2 regular on the Left feet. Like I said I will be keeping them. They are really nice. I hope that there will be single shoe option and wide shoes in the future. I will be checking out the website from time to time. Thank you.

Excursion Jasmine Leopard Kids' Shoe
Julie G. (Gilbertsville, PA)
Super easy & CUTE

These shoes are great and love the concept of the zipper. I do wish there was a wider option for orthotics. They do zip almost all the way but a tight squeeze.

Excursion Black EE+ Unisex Shoe
Bongo (Romeoville, IL)

too narrow

Tenease Black Men's Shoe
Norma T. (Weslaco, TX)
Love the shoes

The shoes I purchased for the dad were the perfect fit and comfort. They were light and easy to walk in. I would most definitely buy them again.

Excursion Moon Dust Kids' Shoe
Laura S. (Jacksonville, FL)
Best shoe for AFO foot dragger

This has been the best show so far for my daughter. She wore out the sole of her Billy shoes in 26 days. She can be rough on the soles and this one seems to hold up better. Love the neutral color too.

Force Graphite Unisex Shoe
Theresa (Staten Island, NY)
Too narrow

I cannot wear them. They are too narrow. Very disappointed.

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