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Steal the show in the Adventure! A classic silhouette available in several versatile color combinations parents and kids both love with set and forget laces, extra cushioned insoles, front zipper access, and a slip resistant outsole. Kids of all ages love zipping in and out of their sneakers in record time!

  • Experience hassle-free on-and-off with patented front Easy Shoe Access. ESA creates larger entry portals and is easier to pull than straight, lateral, or wrap-around zippers
  • Absorb shock and alleviate pain with removable sensory friendly memory foam footbeds
  • Lateral support, anti-slip stability, and smooth, linings for all-day comfort and security
  • Wide width upper and generous toe-box depth accommodates wider feet, swelling, orthotics, and some AFO/SMO
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Friendly Shoes aren’t just shoes. They’re confidence boosters, independence increasers, and the Adventure is no exception. Playground ready and popular with kids across the board, this classic sneaker really speaks to parents. The front zipper is intuitively easy to use and gives kids that “I did it!” feeling every time.

Cushion, cushion, cushion. One of the features most associated with comfort is cushion – and lot’s of it. Crafted with reinforced cushioning cradling the heel and back of the foot, a padded tongue, and ultra-comfortable memory foam insoles to guarantee comfort on every adventure, we designed this sneaker to keep kids feet enveloped in comfort from start to finish. 


We offer hassle-free returns within 30 days of purchase.

Unworn or lightly worn shoes that haven’t met your expectations can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.

Lightly worn means they’ve been worn inside, not outside, to assess their fit, comfort, and ease of use.

Returns of 2 or more pairs are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

*Friendly Shoes are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for 6 months from the date of purchase. Footwear covered by Friendly Guarantee will be replaced by Friendly’s discretion.

**All duties, import fees, and/or tariffs on international shipments are covered by and the responsibility of the customer.


Wide-expanding upper and generous toe-box depth accommodates width requirements, swelling, orthotics and AFO/SMO.


A shockingly lightweight mid top sneaker weighing in under 9 ounces.


Lateral support, anti-slip stability and smooth, breathable linings for all-day comfort and security.

Easy Shoe Access

Patented discreet wide open entrance portal.

Memory Foam

Dual density supportive/removable memory foam insole.

Easy On/Off

Just pull the tab to open and close the shoes.

Full Breathability

Soft breathable inner lining.

Quality Materials

Dual density supportive/removable memory foam insole.

Anti-Slip Stability

Lateral support, anti-slip stability, and smooth, breathable linings.

Orthopedic & Comfort Friendly

We all want comfort, we all want things that are good for us. Why would we think any differently about our feet, the only part of our body that hits the floor an average of 3-4,000+x/day. Be more active, whether in sitting or standing, and do so with the Friendly difference, shoes that make life easier, without sacrificing style, comfort, or ease.

It’s full speed ahead with Friendly Shoes! Right at the intersection of comfort, style, and orthopedic support, our styles allow you to be more active — whether sitting or standing. Right on trend with easy-to-wear colorways, it’s what’s inside that really counts: removable dual-density memory foam insoles with a contoured arch and metatarsal support to help alleviate foot fatigue, padded cushioning around the heel and tongue for comfort and stability, and a generous toe box to easily accommodate wider widths.

Airport Friendly

We all know the airport hassle, especially during COVID. With travel coming back from its brief hiatus in 2021, having Airport Friendly Shoes is a luxurious convenience for those going through security.

Our patented ESA technology allows you to zip in/out of your shoes faster than ever before, helping you get through security a little bit quicker. If your feet swell while flying, we’ve got you covered there, too. Simply unzip for immediate relief while in your seat. And best of all? They weigh next to nothing so toss that second pair into your bag.

  • Ortho-comfort technology
  • Light weight (9 oz) non-marking/non-slip outsoles

Swelling Friendly

From the time we first get up in the morning, all feet change in size. Although we all have differences in daily changes, finally there is an option! Wide fitting and with laces for adjustability, as needed, Friendly offers the opportunity to unzip for comfort, zip-up for compression and stability.

Too-tight uppers are a thing of the past when you slip into Friendly Shoes. Whether due to a humid climate, altitude change, medical condition, or injury: our styles are constructed with a wider fit and adjustable laces to effortlessly accommodate swelling and can be safely worn unzipped.


Explore the ease with Friendly Shoes, specially designed for tiny feet! Our toddler-friendly footwear prioritizes your child’s comfort and freedom with practical closures and soft materials. Discover the perfect blend of style and convenience.

AFO Friendly

Let’s face it, orthoses & braces create footwear challenges. Whether it’s getting the shoes on or accommodating the foot while it’s in the shoe, selecting the appropriate shoes for AFOs can be close to impossible. I’m not sure if anything exists?..

Our versatile styles graciously provide appropriate depth and width to accommodate AFOs and feature slip-resistant outsoles for additional stability along with removable dual-density memory foam insoles to easily replace with custom orthotics.

  • Wide (E last)/adjustable (set laces once and forget)
  • Extra-depth
  • Removable insoles
  • Non-slip outsoles

Autism Friendly

You don’t need tactile hypersensitivity or sensory aversions as so many children and adults with autism experience, to appreciate smooth, sensory Friendly inner linings with removable insoles that help customize the fit and feel. Stylish and versatile for every day, these zip-ons are fantastic for meeting the adaptive needs of our autistic community.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dawn G. (Orlando, FL)
Super Cute Shoes

Very well made. Nice padding and wide enough to wear with AFO's. The zipper on one of the shoes gets stuck but still zips. Not as smooth as I expected.

Sally R. (San Benito, TX)
My daughter loves them

My daughter is very set with her old pair of shoes. She doesn't want new shoes very often. I think it was the color she liked that she gave them a try and it didn't take as much convincing as usual. She put them on and I could tell right away she liked how they felt. Now she asks for the silver and pink shoes when we get her dressed! Am very happy with my purchase!

Jaime S. (Madison, WI)
So far so good!

These arrived much sooner than expected and so far, my child loves them! He can get them on and off easily. We have gotten several comments on them from teachers to his PT to his bus driver. We are hoping the zipper design on these last longer than the Billy shoes we tried. The zipper on those broke in less than 2 months. I think having the zipper on one side versus around the whole front of the shoe will help.

Sarah H.S.
Zipper issues

We've only had them for a week so we're still getting used to them but the zipper isn't easy to pull up so he still needs assistance with the zipper and the zipper doesn't stay up on either shoe....

Wava Z.
Extremely Happy

These shoes are easy to get on, even over braces that go up to the knee. They’re also very cute and very comfortable.

Nicole S. (Salt Lake City, UT)
These shoes are perfect!!!

My son wears an AFO brace on his right foot. These shoes have been a lifesaver...we love Friendly shoes

Gracie R. (Lubbock, TX)

Loved the shoes and
My daughter says they are comfy and hasnt complained!
Would only say run a tad smaller and
Would love to see some with Velcro for
A better fit

Michael G.
Bad ass shoes

I love my really shoes and I want to put them across the world to every Olympic team

Angie R. (St Louis, MO)
Still tight

I have tried a lot of shoes so that my daughter can wear her shoe inserts. These almost work but are still too shallow in the toe area.

Christine C. (Oregon City, OR)
I'm an adult that wears a size 3 & 4 Shoe!

I am a 70+ year old woman who wears one size 3 & 1 size 4 shoe. I am disabled and it is really difficult to find shoes that fit for me. I have found these to be extremely comfortable. I know it sounds funny but I really enjoy the happy pink with sparkles. Not really my style, but they work so well for me and are so comfortable that I just love them. I first purchased your black shoes and moved on to your pink ones. The rest are really just too young looking for me. Thank you.

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